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I am designing an application to connect remotely to another computer. I want to display an NSAlertPanel on connecting however it is 'blocking' the remote side from continuing with the session until OK is pressed with the usual NSAlertPanel setup.

Is there a way to have an NSAlertPanel which is non-blocking? Thanks.

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You'll have to create the NSAlertPanel or your session in another thread in order to accomplish what you're describing. – TheAmateurProgrammer Aug 27 '12 at 6:58
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When you run your alert panel modally, you block the run loop of the associated thread, which is the main thread in this case.

To display a window on connection, you can use custom sheets. It's easy to use and explained in the documentation page below:

However, if you need to run your alert modally, an alert that is blocking interactions with the whole application, you may need to move your connection part to another thread, which is a good practice in both cases.

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