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I have acct-2012-08-24-0001.csv file as below:

noreply@118-bonsplans.com   toulouse@texa.fr    relayed
noreply@lemeilleur-duweb.com  g.dupond@libertysurf.fr   failed
noreply@118-bonsplans.com   toulouse@texa.fr    failed
noreply@lemeilleur-duweb.com  g.dupond@libertysurf.fr   relayed

I want to count only noreply@118-bonsplans.com toulouse@texa.fr failed in csv file but I do not know how to count it.Anyone know help me please, Thanks.

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I am not sure, but this might work for you.

count(preg_grep("/noreply@lemeilleur-duweb.com  g.dupond@libertysurf.fr   relayed/", file("acct-2012-08-24-0001.csv")));

You can also check it cell by cell content with the AND condition in if block.

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use preg_match_all()

$match = preg_match_all('/noreply@118-bonsplans.com(\s+)toulouse@texa.fr(\s+)failed/i', $csv, $matches);
echo count($matches[0]);
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Here's a simple way to do it...

$fp = fopen('acct-2012-08-24-0001.csv');

$count = 0;

while ($row = fgetcsv($fp)) {
    if (
        $row[0] == 'noreply@118-bonsplans.com'
        && $row[1] == 'toulouse@texa.fr'
        && $row[2] == 'failed'
    ) {

echo "$count matches found";

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