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I am using facebook graph api for retrieving friends from facebook.

Here is my code to get the facebook friends:

 var friends = facebook.GetConnections("me", "friends", null);
 string strFriends = "";
 foreach (var friend in friends["data"])
    string strFnd = friend["id"].ToString().Trim().Replace(@"""", string.Empty) + "-" + friend["name"].ToString().Trim().Replace(@"""", string.Empty);
    if (strFriends.Trim() == string.Empty) { strFriends = strFnd.Trim(); }
    else { strFriends = strFriends.Trim() + ", " + strFnd.Trim(); }

This code is working fine to retrieve friends from facebook.

Now what I am looking here is I just want to get my friends based on my 'age group' or my 'classmates(education)'.

My actual requirement here is to populate friends based on my school mate or based on my age group.

Please tell me how to proceed.

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Seems for age range you might need permissions. As for the education. Think its described here. –  ficuscr Aug 27 '12 at 7:30
add facebook tag –  Buzz Aug 27 '12 at 10:10

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