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I have a question about using AFNetworking and showing a upload-progress.

Scenario: From a tableview the user can click on a row and go into a detailview. In the detailview the user can upload five images. If the user upload one image, a upload-progress view will be visible in top of the detailview.

Pretty simpel. :)

Now to the problem:

Lets say the user retunrs to the tableView, and again go into the deatilview where he just uploaded an image.

Is it possible to show how far the upload-progress is.


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Take a look at the example on the AFNetworking Github page. You should be able to integrate this code into your classes in order to show progress until the file has been uploaded.

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This is a better link to the example as the githup page does not seem to show how to set the progress up.

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