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Can DataTables read columns (names) list from its ajaxSource?

I mean that I define columns in my PHP file and pass them with data, then dataTables parses them and create the table (full dynamically)


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Yes, it is possible. Here's a link! –  Mahendra Korat Sep 12 '12 at 7:07

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if your ajaxSource is something like :

            "aaData": [
              b:"Internet Explorer 4.0",
              c:"Win 95+",
             } // [...]
           "aoColumns": [
                "mData": "d",
                "sDefaultContent": 0
                "mData": "a",
                "sDefaultContent": "-"
            } //[...]

you can do this call :

         $.getJSON('ajaxSource.php',function(json) {
                  json.bDestroy = true;
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