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The wicket-rest project which has now been forked to github does not work with wicket-1.5.

This problem has been raised in the wicket mailing list but has remained unresolved. I tried out the suggestions given in the mailing list but the problem persists. The "onBeforeRender" method is not invoked and thus the wicket-rest pre-processing is effectively bypassed.

May be "onBeforeRender" is not invoked when stateless hint is set to true?

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After some research, I managed to solve this problem and thought of sharing this with the community.

Because of api changes in wicket-1.5, the following changes are needed in the wicket-rest-api classes:

  • AbstractWebServicePage (or it's equivalent if you have forked it) should now implement IMarkupResourceStreamProvider. The implementation can be like this: (taken from the mailing list)

    public IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container, Class containerClass)
        return new StringResourceStream("");

  • "hasAssociatedMarkup" is now deprecated and can be removed from AbstractWebServicePage.

  • Move the code defined inside the overridden "onBeforeRender" in AbstractWebServicePage to a method named "onBeforeRenderPage". Please note that this method is not part of wicket api but created by us as the "onBeforeRender" is somehow not invoked in this case.

 protected void onBeforeRenderPage()
        HttpServletRequest servletRequest = (HttpServletRequest) getRequest().getContainerRequest();
        HttpServletResponse servletResponse = (HttpServletResponse) getResponse().getContainerResponse();

        String method = servletRequest.getMethod();
        logger.debug("Received a {} request from {}:{}", new Object[]{method, servletRequest.getRemoteAddr(),

        if (POST.equals(method)) {
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {
                //swallow this exception
            doPost(getPageParameters(), servletRequest, servletResponse);
        } else if (GET.equals(method)) {
            doGet(getPageParameters(), servletRequest, servletResponse);

  • In the respective subclass (JSon, Xml etc), replace the method "onRender()" with "renderPage()" and invoke our custom written super method "onBeforeRenderPage" before doing anything else. It might look like this:

    public final void renderPage()

That's it, you are now ready to enjoy the elegant wicket-rest api once again, this time with wicket-1.5.

I have tested this and using it.

If you have a better opinion, please share it.

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