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I need to get the difference between two dates in datetime format: HH:mm:ss. Is it possible using some T-SQL function? I always used DATEDIFF but it returns only int.

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declare @date1 datetime = '2012-08-04 12:10'
declare @date2 datetime = '2012-08-04 13:10'

select cast(@date2 - @date1 as time(0))
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+1 very nice solution! –  davek Aug 27 '12 at 8:04

Simply substract them to get a datetime value, then format this how you want.


select CONVERT(varchar(100), getdate(), 108)

where you would replace getdate() with the result of your subtraction.

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If the elapsed time exceeds 24 hours, the result will be misleading (the "mod" of 24:00:00). This snippet will include the number of days as a prefix to the time. I have included calculating both a forward and backward interval.

declare @date1 datetime,@date2 datetime
set @date1 = '2013-01-02 12:01:02' 
set @date2 = '2013-01-03 22:00:00' 

   -- forward interval
   case when datediff(dd,@date1,@date2) != 0 then
    cast(datediff(dd,@date1,@date2) as varchar)
    + 'd ' + convert(varchar(100), @date1-@date2, 108)
      convert(varchar(100), @date1-@date2, 108)
   end as ElapsedT1,

   -- backward interval
   case when datediff(dd,@date2,@date1) != 0 then
    cast(datediff(dd,@date2,@date1) as varchar)
    + 'd ' + convert(varchar(100), @date2-@date1, 108)
      convert(varchar(100), @date2-@date1, 108)
   end as ElapsedT2

ElapsedT1     ElapsedT2
1d 14:01:02   -1d 09:58:58
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