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I'm working at an Android application that receives some JSON objects through HTTP. Then i store received data to DB. Data received through http differs from data stored in database, so i have 2 layers - transport layer, with transport objects, and DB layer with domain object. There are converters that transform information from TO to DO, and otherway.

I would like to know which of following alternatives are better:

  1. decode received data to Specific Transport Object (with gson) - FooTO, then convert into FooDO with FooConvertor, and the store FooDO into DB.

                         gson                   FooConvertor           DAO

    http content(string) ------> FooTO ---------------> FooDO --------> Database

  2. decode received data to generic JsonEntity, then convert information with FooConvertor to FooDO, and the store FooDO into DB.

                         gson                   FooConvertor           DAO

    http content(string) ------> JSONEntity --------------> FooDO --------> Database

An important aspect is that i have no control over structure of json object received via http, its structure may change any time, so i want to minimize change impact in my app.

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You should go with the GSON library usage as it is more structured and the classes created during the fetching of JSON can be reused for storing the same data in the DB

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