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  • How can I find out where in the C++ source code of node.js the JavaScript object gets defined which I can access through process.binding('eval')? - I already found out that it's in /src/node_script.cc in this special case, but: How can I know where I can find that module just when I just take a look on the /src/ directory overview? I don't want to step through all the files in /src/ in order to look for a module.
  • Where can I find some deep going information about the internals of process.binding()s?


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I was looking for the same myself today. I cannot guarantee that there isn't more to it, but this is what I discovered.

src/node_extensions.h contains a list of built-in modules, defined like:


where module_name is the name of the module (obviously)

You can find out which file defines that module by searching for which file has a line that starts with


So, to find the file that defines the 'evals' module for process.bindings:

$ grep "NODE_MODULE(node_evals" src/*.cc
src/node_script.cc:NODE_MODULE(node_evals, node::InitEvals)
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