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At the moment I have the states in a string as follows:

var states = 'AL|AK|AR|AZ|CA|CO|CT|DC|DE|FL|GA|HI|IA|ID|IL...';

I would like to capture

Into two separate parameters. The first one with the state information, the second one with the additional. I know how to get the additional information:

app.get('/' ??? + '/:additional', ...);

How can I capture the state information?

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Why not to use "/:state/:additional" and then validate the state internally that would allow you to return a nice error object for invalid input? – skovalyov Aug 27 '12 at 9:52

If you define it as a parameter in the path...

app.get('/:stateabbr/:additional', ...);

You can validate it with app.param():

app.param('stateabbr', function (req, res, next, abbr) {
    var stateAbbrs = /AL|AK|AR|AZ|CA|CO|CT|DC|DE|FL|GA|HI|IA|ID|IL|../i

    if (stateAbbrs.test(abbr)) {
    } else {
        next(new Error('Unrecognized State abbreviation.'));
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Try this one

var states = 'AL|AK|AR|AZ|CA|CO|CT|DC|DE|FL|GA|HI|IA|ID|IL...';
app.get('/:state('+ states + ')/:additional', function(req,res,next){

I've tested it and it should work as You requested :)

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