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I read following codes in http://androidxref.com/4.0.4/xref/frameworks/base/media/libmedia/MediaScannerClient.cpp#95

static uint32_t possibleEncodings(const char* s)
    uint32_t result = kEncodingAll;
    // if s contains a native encoding, then it was mistakenly encoded in utf8 as if it were latin-1
    // so we need to reverse the latin-1 -> utf8 conversion to get the native chars back
    uint8_t ch1, ch2;
    uint8_t* chp = (uint8_t *)s;

    while ((ch1 = *chp++)) {
        if (ch1 & 0x80) {
            ch2 = *chp++;
            ch1 = ((ch1 << 6) & 0xC0) | (ch2 & 0x3F);
            // ch1 is now the first byte of the potential native char

            ch2 = *chp++;
            if (ch2 & 0x80)
                ch2 = ((ch2 << 6) & 0xC0) | (*chp++ & 0x3F);
            // ch2 is now the second byte of the potential native char
            int ch = (int)ch1 << 8 | (int)ch2;
            result &= findPossibleEncodings(ch);
        // else ASCII character, which could be anything

    return result;

Why reverse the latin-1 to utf8 using above logic?

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Well, why indeed? If something was mistakenly mis-encoded, it's the responsibility of that code to not mis-encode it. Fixing it later is just sweeping the problem under the carpet, which is never good. –  deceze Aug 27 '12 at 9:16
@deceze Do you mean some latin-1 char was mis-encoded? –  Victor S Aug 27 '12 at 9:21
I mean that any function called possibleEncodings with a comment such as "we need to reverse the latin-1 -> utf8 conversion" is a terrible idea to begin with. You cannot guess the encoding of a string, plain and simple, and you should not need to "fix mistaken encoding conversions" after the fact. This whole function seem pointless and/or error prone. –  deceze Aug 27 '12 at 9:24

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