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I am using dir function to list the content of a folder but it gives . and .. for first two folder. Is there any way to get rod of this silly process.

Can I use regular expression in dir function ? (if I can, it can be a solution)

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I don't know of any built-in solution, but I tend to do the following:

d = dir ('C:\');
d(~[d.isdir])= []; %Remove all non directories.
names = setdiff({d.name},{'.','..'});

The setdiff command removes the unwanted elements.

Another cheap way to get rid of . and .. is using wildcards (Windows only):

d = dir ('C:\*.*');
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How about this

list = dir('/var/temp');
list = list(3:end,:);

that's of course assuming that the first two entries indeed are . and .. which might not be the case on all OSes

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The first two entries are . and .. on Mac, Linux, and Windows. –  Jonas Aug 27 '12 at 11:17

By the sound of this documentation, dir simply displays what gets returned by the operating system itself so I doubt you will be able to suppress it without doing some post processing of the list that gets returned


dir does support the wildcard character *

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