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I am generating table like that:

<div class="table zebra-striped selectable">
    {{#each "App.accidentsController.content"}}
        {{view App.AccidentView contentBinding="this"}}

where App.AccidentView is something like this:

<div {{action tbodyClick this target='this'}} class="tr accident">
    <div class="td w03pr">{{unbound [1]}}</div>
    <div class="td">{{unbound [3]}}</div>
    <div class="td">{{unbound [4]}}</div>

I am considering performance issues as number of rows there might be hundreds or even thousands so I am not using binding for rows and at the moment not considering ContainerView seriously (or should I?). After I manipulated with row data I just want to replace all row's html. I have a row template and context of it and I think most simple and effective way would be just replace a row html with new one and I can do as per documentation something like this:

var newView=App.AccidentView.create(newContext);

But append is not enough there I need it to be placed instead of old row - something like jQuery's replaceWith. So my question is what is proper way of doing this - somehow to trim tr tags of view or use ContainerView but what about perfomance then? Thanks for any insights.

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1. Could you please clarify, why do you need to replace all row's html after operation with a single row? 2. Why do you want to use a ContainerView, and not simply a View? – s.ermakovich Aug 27 '12 at 10:14
@s.ermakovich 1. Content changed there and there is smth embeded for search capabilities. I have a template of whole row so I have to insert view before or after old row and then remove old one. I can't insert into it (appendTo) - I'd get illegal html. 2. ContainerView has mechanism for adding/removing views. But it seems to heavy for this case. – Saulius Aug 27 '12 at 10:20
1. Not sure that understand the case. 2. As far as i know, ContainerView is suitable, when you have some composition, and want to display multiple views inside of a single view. If I understand correctly, for displaying a single view, backed with a template, a simple View will be enough. ContainerView will also work, but it will be probably less lightweight (something, that you definitely want to avoid). – s.ermakovich Aug 27 '12 at 10:53

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