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I am trying to desgin a MDX query with Date filter which is an hierarchy attribute.. Now, I need to place the attribute filter value in the "where" clause.. When I drag and drop the attribute say - '2012', it gets converted to someother format like '[Date].[Fiscal Hierarchy].[Year].&[2.012E9]' whereas in leftpane display it shows as 'YR 2012'..

How do I control this conversion ? I am not sure on what basis it converts this attribute like that ?..

I need to build the MDX query dynamically in program based on the user selection.. How do I determine it is '2.012E9' when the user selectes '2012'? Or is there any way to alter the filter condition in MDX so that I can acheive this without using [2.012E9] string ?

Thanks in advance..

[Subjects].[Name] on Rows,

[Student].Name  ON COLUMNS 
FROM Cube    
 [Date].[Fiscal Hierarchy].[Season].&[**2.0121E9**]

-- But the left side pane(Cube browser) shows the attribute as 'YEAR 2012'
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Each member has a unique name and a display name. In the left pane you see the display name. In the Mdx query the key of the member is used (see MSDN).

If you want to change the unique names you have to change your keys.

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I am able to do this by changing the query like this:

SELECT [Subjects].[Name] on Rows,

[Student].Name ON COLUMNS FROM Cube
where [Date].[Fiscal Hierarchy].[Season].[YEAR 2012]

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