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How can I pass a field/value that will be part of the response received from the current request as a parameter for next request?

I am able to set only static Form POST parameters. Is there a way to do this in the available UI for configuring the web test?

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I have searched around but these seem possible with jMeter and other web test frameworks. And seeing those lead me to giving up (for now) and start exploring the Coded Web Test approach in the meantime.

Any suggestions/pointers appreciated.

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I was able to do this after quite some digging around. Turns out its pretty simple.

var request1 = new WebTestRequest("http://localhost/Home/Index");
var sessionId = "";
request1.ExtractValues += (s, e) => {
sessionId = 
  e.Response.HtmlDocument.HtmlTags.SingleOrDefault(tag => 
     tag.Name == "somename" 
     && tag.Attributes.Any(a => a.Name == "attrName" 
     && a.Value == "attrValue"));    

yield return request1;


var request2 = new WebTestRequest("http://localhost/SomeController/Index/");
var request2Body = new FormPostHttpBody();
request2Body.FormPostParameters.Add("sessionId", sessionId);
request2.Body = request2Body;

yield return request2;

If anybody knows of a better approach please post an answer.

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