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I have found a few libraries that are under GPL but are there any under BSD? or any other non-GPL license?

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pymedia is LGPL, which is quite different from GPL -- it explicitly allows you to keep applications using this library under different licenses (including closed-source) although you do have to LGPL-cover any changes you choose to make to the library itself.

mp3.py has no clearly indicated license although it looks like the author's intention may therefore be not to explicitly make it GPL; however you should double check that with the author, rather than just guessing.

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Video Converter:

Although FFmpeg is licensed under LGPL/GPL, Video Converter only invokes the existing ffmpeg executables on the system (ie. doesn’t link to the ffmpeg libraries), so it doesn’t need to be LGPL/GPL as well.

The same applies to patents. If you’re in a country which recognizes software patents, it’s up to you to ensure you’re complying with the patent laws. Please read the FFMpeg Legal FAQ for more information.


from converter import Converter

sample_file = 'sample_file.mp3'

convertor = Converter()
media_info = convertor.probe(sample_file)
# 245.211429
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