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I have to implement Kerberos-based Windows authentication in WCF. I am using Windows 7 Professional. I searched a lot but did not get any relevant article on this topic.

How can I implement Kerberos-based Windows authentication in WCF on Windows 7 Professional?

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What have you tried? There's plenty reading material out there. Please show some effort from your side, instead of offering a bounty so someone else will do the research for you. – CodeCaster Aug 29 '12 at 12:47

I have done this in one of my project written in C# .NET on windows side(worked on Windows 7 as well) to connect to UNIX server using Kerberos authentication to do required tasks. Your best bet would be use Plink/Putty SSL Client which has Kerberos authentication supported. You will need to setup your server infrastructure to generate key realm(Ticket Granting Server) and recognised by AS Authentication Server etc.

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