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I have problem receiving message of my type from MessageQueue. Here is the code:

MyClass myClassObject = null;
 var msmq = new MessageQueue(@".\private$\myqueuename")
                       {Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter(new Type[] {typeof (MyClass)})};
 var receive = msmq.Receive(new TimeSpan(20000000000));

            if (receive != null)
                 myClassObject = (MyClass)receive.Body;


I wish in the end in myClassObject to have the data.

    public class 

        public long? Id

What am I missing? Thank you very much in advance!

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I get this error: Cannot deserialize the message passed as an argument. Cannot recognize the serialization format. at System.Messaging.XmlMessageFormatter.Read(Message message) at System.Messaging.Message.get_Body() –  Diana Dimitrova Aug 27 '12 at 12:29
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I think you need to verify the App.config files both on client and server. The exception you wrote indicates that probably this message serialization format is not associated with your bindings.

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