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Hi all i have two tables

    1      |asdasd
    2      |adas
    3      |asdfdf


  1  |asda |1
  2  |asdfs|1
  3  |sdfsdf|2
  4  |asfsd|2

now what i want is,to get the count of no of bugs the project has...and if the project doesnot has any bugs then i should get the count as 0..i had been trying this query...i dnt get the count 0 if projectID doesnot exist in Bug table can any one help me here

    , Count(B.BugID) As BugCount  
 from bugs B inner join projects P 
 on P.ProjectId = B.ProjectId
 group by P.projectName
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You are better off doing group by P.ProjectId, P.projectName unless the name has a unique constraint. – Martin Smith Aug 27 '12 at 10:48
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 Select P.projectName, Count(B.BugID) As BugCount  
 from projects P 
      left join bugs B 
          on P.ProjectId = B.ProjectId 
 group by P.projectName 
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