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I need to use node.js to communicate with a server using NTLM proxy authentication.

I have used 2 modules:

1) node-curl https://github.com/jiangmiao/node-curl 2) request, coming highly recommended htps://github.com/mikeal/request

I found no documentation for the request module for ntlm , and though node-curl supports the curl easy options , I found no documentation about how to specify the CURLAUTH_NTLM for the CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH.

I want to know how to take care of the NTLM proxy authentication. I would love to continue using the request module.

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Also see this question. I don't think there is any support for NTLM in request or any node modules, so your best bet seems to be to spawn a curl --proxy-ntlm process. –  Linus Gustav Larsson Thiel Aug 27 '12 at 14:39

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Is it important for you to use NTLM directly in node.js code?

Instead you can try to install some intermediate NTLM proxies that will give you a chance to use simple HTTP proxy in node.js. There are at least two solutions for it:

  1. Cntlm - written in C
  2. Ntlmaps - written in Python
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Wrote a Node.js library to do the HTTP NTLM Handshaking: https://github.com/SamDecrock/node-http-ntlm

It's ported from the python-ntlm library.

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Here is a partial implementation of the server side of NTLM in Node.js. It may help with developing a client side request: https://gist.github.com/3049352

And here is some code which appears to generate the type 1 message and recieve the type 2 response. The type 3 message is not yet implemented and is the final step: github.com/kevinswiber/node-ntlm-client

Here is some documentation on the NTLM protocol that should help complete it: http://www.innovation.ch/personal/ronald/ntlm.html

It's a start.

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That's really not an example of the server side of NTLM. As the gist mentions, it's completely fake. –  Edward Thomson Dec 20 '12 at 20:27

Unfortunately I've only made more or less simplistic versions of NTLM.

This is a bit more complete: https://gist.github.com/Piot/3063016

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