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I have the following code that is used to delete a li item with a button click. The application is made up of a unordered list(products) that when an item in the list is selected is added to another unordered list(shopping cart). The shopping cart list generates a button for each item added that enables the product to be removed. This works fine. However when i delete an item and then return to the product list to add a new product it deletes the product from the product list rather than adding it to the shopping cart list. I have tried to stop the function but for some reason it won't. The function isn't even called within the product list so im unsure why this is happening. here is the delete code:

  function removeItem() {

   $("li").live ("vclick", function (event)
   {var cost = $(this).find('p').html().substring(1);
   $(this).remove ();
    cost2 =  parseFloat(cost).toFixed(2);

any ideas on how i can stop this error?

edit: here is the script that adds the li item to the shopping cart:

    $('#cartList').append('<li>' +
                '<h4>' + game.Title+'</h4>' +
                '<button onclick="removeItem()">Delete</button>' +
                '<p>' + '£' + game.Price + '</p>' +
                '<h3 class="ui-li-aside">' + game.Format + '</h3>'+
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please paste html too. –  diEcho Aug 27 '12 at 11:14
Well, you are selecting every list item ($("li")), as a result every list item gets removed. What was the problem? –  feeela Aug 27 '12 at 11:16
Well i have two lists and i only want it to delete items in the shopping cart list. Once the code is called it seems to translate to all lists even tho the function is assigned to buttons in the shopping cart list –  user1601634 Aug 27 '12 at 11:21

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