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I building a Form with widgets. One of them is a Multichoices Form, that i build using sfWidgetFormPropelChoice. Into my customForm.class.php i have this:


class customForm extends BaseCustomForm{
  public function configure(){
    'myMultiChoice'=>new sfWidgetFormPropelChoice(array('model'=>'custom', 'method'=>'getLotsOfThings'));

The option 'method' is getting a method 'getLotsOfThings' which dont have any parameters. How can i pass instead this method with parameters?

I try 'method'=>'getLotsOfThings('.$value.')' but this dont work!

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You should have to use the criteria option instead (see the code) which give you the ability to have a complex query to retrieve items.

For example:

$c= new Criteria();
$c->add(CountryPeer::idcontinent, 1);

$this->widgetSchema['departement_id'] = new sfWidgetFormPropelChoice(array(
  'model'     => 'Country', 
  'add_empty' => true, 
  'criteria'  => $c

Give the criteria as an option to the Form when you create it.

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