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In order to run all my unittests I use following script where test_files is a list of strings of my testfiles:

for test_file in test_files:
    test_file = test_file[:-3]
    module = __import__(test_file)
    for name, obj in inspect.getmembers(module):
        if inspect.isclass(obj):
            if str(obj).startswith("<class 'test_"):

How can I remove single tests from the suite afterwards (not all tests from a testfile)?

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I finally ended up creating a new suite and added all tests except the ones I want to skip. In order for the test to be listed as skipped I created a dummy SkipCase class.

class SkipCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def runTest(self):
        raise unittest.SkipTest("Test would take to long.")

new_suite = unittest.TestSuite()

blacklist = [

for test_group in suite._tests:
    for test in test_group:
        if test._testMethodName in blacklist:
            testName = test._testMethodName
            setattr(test, testName, getattr(SkipCase(), 'runTest'))
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Your solution is good, however during run it will still call setup/teardown functions.. to resolve this I've changed your setattr method like this: setattr(test, testName, unittest.skip(reason)(getattr(test, testName))) possibly after test if you agree, you may update your answer ! –  shahjapan May 19 at 14:10

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