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So I want to render a sidemenu itemview only if it's not rendered already. This is so unessecary I don't force unessecary re-rendering.

I have figured a solution to render a view if not rendered in a region already.

Take the following example in a controller object called by a router.:

Admin.showIndex= function(){
    if (!MyApp.layout.sidepanel.currentView || !(MyApp.layout.sidepanel.currentView instanceof AdminSidePanel)){ AdminSidePanel());
        alert("Already rendered sidepanel!");
    // More stuff!

Is this a good way to do it? It works like this:

  • If I F5 refresh the page /#admin , the sidepanel is rendered.
  • If I go in forexample /#admin/submenu and back to #admin, sidepanel is not rendered again.
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Looks good to me. I've used similar logic in my project.

I prefer this approach over explicitly maintaining a global state variable in MyApp.

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