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I have a table where every row has a hidden control as shown below

<input name="ID" id="ID" type="hidden"/>

But some of them have values and others don't. How do I filter out the rows that have no value

I know it would be something like

$('#myTable tr').filter(... ???

What I am trying to do is, get the rows where the hidden control has a value, then fetch certain controls and their values from those rows and post them using jquery ajax.

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Take a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/10817041/… – Lijo Feb 22 '13 at 3:33
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Building off of João's answer, to get the row you just need to take his second option and traverse up to the parent.

$('#myTable tr input[type="hidden"][value!=""]').parent();

That is assuming the hidden input is a direct descendent of the <tr>. Otherwise you may want to use the jQuery parents() function like so:

$('#myTable tr input[type="hidden"][value!=""]').parents('tr');

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Use the following:

$('#myTable tr').filter(function () {
  return $(this).find('input[type="hidden"][value!=""]').length;


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That fetches the hidden control. I want the entire row :( – developer747 Aug 27 '12 at 12:41
@developer747: Oh I see, I've edited my answer. – João Silva Aug 27 '12 at 13:00

Add a class to it:

<input name="ID" id="ID" type="hidden" class="someclass" />

$('#myTable tr .someclass').doSomething(...)
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the selector 'input[value]' selects all inputs having a value attribute.

$("#myTable input[value], #myTable input[value!='']").doSomthing(...);
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