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I am newbie to Play 2 framework. Can some one suggest a good user authentication and authorization module.

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This module is pretty awesome http://joscha.github.com/play-authenticate/

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The original question doesn't specify, but play-authenticate is currently Java-only. groups.google.com/d/msg/play-framework/PoQajClVx_8/cpxdG-L1m9YJ –  tjdett Mar 13 '13 at 2:11

You can use SecureSocial: http://www.securesocial.ws. It provides Java and Scala APIs so you can use your preferred language.

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For Scala, I found https://github.com/t2v/play2-auth very easy to adopt. It has good examples and you get answers from the author rapidly.

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I definitely suggest play-authenticate I described it before, so here just the link:


note - it's better to base on the original Joscha's sample, my refactor after discussion with the author will be modified soon, but now it's 'unstable'

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