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Since our update to R2.15.1, the tables in my lyx documents that result from calls to the latex function (package Hmisc) open in an external xdvik-window instead of being inserted in the pdf-document that I am compiling. On the contrary, the tables produced with xtable and the graphs produced with ggplot do appear where they belong in the document.

The chunk header for the latex call is


and the chunk is then referred to multiple times with e.g.


The tables in the xdvik window do look perfect. Any ideas?

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It looks I have to guess from experience since the chunk body was not shown here, and my best guess is you need an argument file='' in the function latex(), i.e.

latex(object, file = '')

By default, latex() writes the object in a tex file, and compiles it to dvi. That is probably why you saw the xdvik window.

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