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I'm implementing an NSOutlineViewDataSource (but it may as well be a NSTableViewDataSource or anything else). The outlineView: objectValueForTableColumn: byItem: method is being called quite a lot (obviously once per row) and I want to know which column is being requested. I can do this:

if ([[tableColumn identifier] isEqualToString:@"myCol"])

but it feels terribly expensive, once per row per column.

Can I store a pointer to each NSTableColumn * and compare the pointer values? Comparing those woud be a lot quicker. Or are the pointers likely to change in the duration of the App?

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The stability of an NSTableColumn * is just the same as the stability of an NSTextField *.

Most likely, the lifecycle of the object which is serving as the NSOutlineViewDataSource for your NSOutlineView will be very similar to the lifecycle of the NSTableColumn.

A typical pattern is to have an NSWindowController subclass instance serve as an outline view's data source, where the outline view is within a xib which has the window controller as the file's owner. The table columns will be created soon after the window controller is initialized (and after the point that -loadWindow is called on the NSWindowController--to intercept this, override -loadWindow in the NSWindowController subclass to first call [super loadWindow] and then make use of the no-longer-nil pointers set up in Interface Builder) and will be destroyed soon after the window controller is deallocated. From the time that -loadWindow is called until the time that -dealloc is called on the window controller, the same NSTableColumns will be in use (provided, of course that nothing in your own code mucks with them).

The only potential danger is that the outline view will call its data source after the data source has been deallocated. To avoid this difficulty, set the outline view's data source to nil when the window controller is deallocated.

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