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I'm trying to render a View which needs to know the index position of the Model passed in inside its Collection:

Parent View

collection.each(function($_v, $_k) {
    (new view({model: $_v, index: $_k})).render();

Child View

className: function() {
    0 === this.index % 2 ? 'colored' : '';

However it appears that this.index can't be set this way and become undefuined. What is the proper to make this work?

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I think it should be:

className: function() {
    0 === this.options.index % 2 ? 'colored' : '';
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That's an intriguing design... Probably to foolproof people trying to overwrite View.render or something similar on instantiation. Thanks for the answer =) –  Kay Aug 28 '12 at 2:55

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