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I am new to magento . I want to create a right sidebar on product view page such that this is visible only on product view page not on other pages.

How can I do this.Please Help. Thanks.

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You must use 3 columns layout style from magento. And edit the right_col.phtml to show some code when its in product page, or some other code when out from product page. –  Guerra Aug 27 '12 at 13:19

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To have a right sidebar only on the product page you need to to a few things:

  • in the admin panel set the product pages to have 2 columns with right sidebar
  • create a block and template file (or just edit one that is available)
  • in catalog.xml (this is in your themes's layout folder) find the handle called and within that section find in there you can add your block / template file.

For more info on how you can create blocks and templates see here.

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In magento almost every postion is handled by catalog.xml, (if you go the proper way) You can place any static block , in catalog.xml you will find the postioning of blocks for every page (be it category, product or home page) just you need to place the block in the right reference.

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