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Struts has a number of helpful custom JSP tags, and Struts-EL adds much needed EL support. I'm looking for thoughts on relative merits of using Struts/Strut-EL tags where available vs. just using JSTL tags.

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  • Struts Tags are only available to projects that use Struts
  • JSTL tags can be used anywhere and can even co-operate with other frameworks such as Spring or JSF
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...which would render your app a bit more portable. –  Beez Jul 3 '12 at 14:26

It depends on your usage of custom tags - some tags, like those that create an option dropdown list, are much easier to use and read than the equivalent c:foreach loop tag. However, JSTL is common across many apps, so if you stopped using the struts custom tags in a different webapp, you'd probably still have access to the JSTL.

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