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Where and why do I have to put the “template” and “typename” keywords?

I have a template class like below

  template <class Key, class Object>
  class  TObjectRegistery
     typedef map<const Key,  Object*> ObjectMap;

     void AddObject(Object *obj){
        objectMap_[obj.code()] = obj;
     ObjectMap  objectMap_;

I want to run an iteration outside of TFactory, then I want to add two member functions to the class.

  ObjectMap::iterator xbegin(){
     return objectMap_.begin();

but I get an error that I'm missing ; before xbegin like undefine ObjectMap::iterator

  "missing ';' before identifier 'xbegin'"

why does this happen? how I can fix it ? if this good way to do iteration out of class?

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return objectMap_.begin(); missed the ; –  Alok Save Aug 27 '12 at 14:26
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You also need the typename keyword before ObjectMap, since it's derived type of the template parameters:

typename ObjectMap::iterator xbegin(){
    return objectMap_.begin();
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