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I have a small program that send messages to me using XMPPPY, however, sometimes when sending a message I only receive it on one of the logged in clients. When sending through the gmail interface I always receive it on all logged in clients.

Here is my code:

username = ''
password = ''

class Gtalk():
    def send(self, recipient, message):

        self.connection = self.client.connect()



            recipient, message

g = Gtalk()
g.send('', 'Hello')

Does anybody know how to send a message using XMPPPY that appears on all logged in gmail clients?

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See JIDs (Jabber/XMPP IDs and therefore Google Talk IDs) have several forms: First is a "bare JID", e.g.: Secondly is a "full JID", e.g.:, where xyz123 is called the resource.

You use full JUD, and that why appear your message only on xyz123 client.

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