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I have grouped 4 CABasicAnimation into CAAnimationGroup. But the problem is that

-(void) animationDidStop:(CAAnimation *)anim finished:(BOOL)flag

is not called for each animation.

CABasicAnimation *anim1;//code of anim1
CABasicAnimation *anim2://code of anim2
CABasicAnimation *anim3;//code of anim3
CABasicAnimation *anim4://code of anim4

CAAnimationGroup *animGrp;//code of animGrp
[imageView.layer addAnimation:animGrp forKey:@""];

Am I doing something wrong or there is different approach to it.

My aim is to change the position of the UIIImageView for every animation.

So, when anim1 ends I want to change Image, but I don't receive a animationDidStop delegate.

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The documentation states

`CAAnimationGroup` allows multiple animations to be grouped and run concurrently


Note: The delegate and removedOnCompletion properties of animations in the animations property are currently ignored.

You can use the beginTime of an animation to start one animation in the group after another one has finished by simply setting the beginTime to the duration of the other animation. Time Warp in Animation provides a nice explanation of the properties that are inherited from the CAMediaTiming protocol. However, in your case it might be more convenient to add one animation to the layer and register it using the delegate and add another one to the layer after the first one has finished.

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Thank's for your explanation.I implemented in the same manner as suggested by you and it worked. – andyPaul Sep 4 '12 at 12:49

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