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Problem Description: I am failing to route from my camel servlet to a cxfbean. Route initialization fails with the following error message:

"Failed to create route route1 at: >>> To[cxfbean:fooEndpoint] <<< in route:
 Route[[From[servlet:///?servletName=BwsServlet]] -> [To[cxfb... because of Failed to resolve 
 endpoint: cxfbean://fooEndpoint due to: null".

The servlet starts fine without the cxfbean.

UPDATED: Please note that I intend to use a Camel Cxf Bean Component as opposed to a Camel Cxf Bean.

What I want to achieve: I am running a camel servlet within Tomcat. I have a bean which implements my webservice interface (generated from WSDL by CXF). I want to process the XML message bodies before passing them on to this webservice bean. I would like to use cxf bean component as opposed to a cxf endpoint bean, since I do not want to have my cxf endpoint listen on a network port in addition to the already running camel servlet.

How my code looks like: My camel-config.xml looks like this:

<bean id="bwsRouteBuilder" class="local.com.foo.BwsRouteBuilder"/>
<bean id="fooEndpoint" class="local.com.foo.FooBws"/>
<camel:camelContext id="bws">
    <camel:routeBuilder ref="bwsRouteBuilder"/>

My route builder (written in Java DSL) looks like this:

public void configure() throws Exception {
    // some processing of message here

UPDATED: Note the cxfbean URI format in the above code as defined here.

My web.xml looks like this:


camel-cxf is included as dependency in my pom.xml.

Where I looked at so far for help: I was following the documentation at Apache Camel cxfbean description and followed stackoverflow. I hope my question is not a no-brainer to answer, I am new to Camel.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts

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Could you show your local.com.foo.FooBws code? –  Archer Jan 5 '13 at 15:43

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If you want to use a cxf bean you have to write "cxf:bean:fooEndpoint" in your route (you have forget : between cxf and bean).

public void configure() throws Exception {
    // some processing of message here
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Hi, many thanks for your feedback. However, the URI format seems to be correct in my code. See here for a description of the Cxf Bean Component. I updated my question accordingly. –  user1627943 Aug 28 '12 at 11:01

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