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I am using the Jackson JSON library to map JSON streams into POJO's.

My JSON's keys have unpredictable names.

            "some_key": "value"
            "some_key1": "value1"

I would like to map this request to a POJO (with the same structure), however the mapper will fail since there is no such setXXX (where XXX is a random_id - since i cannot predict the name).

What would be the best way to map this request to the corresponding object without manually parsing it with createJsonParser.

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If names are unpredictable, POJOs are not the way to go.

But you can use the Tree Model, like:

JsonNode root = objectMapper.readTree(jsonSource);

and access it as a logical tree. Also, if you do want to convert the tree (or any of sub-trees, as identified by node that is the root of sub-tree), you can do:

MyPOJO pojo = objectMapper.treeToValue(node, MyPOJO.class);

and back to tree

JsonNode node = objectMapper.valueToTree(pojo);
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You nailed it! tnx –  user1144031 Aug 27 '12 at 21:04
glad that works! –  StaxMan Aug 28 '12 at 18:31

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