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I'll have to read a regex tutorial - so far I have a mental block in this area - right now I am just trying to match the following pattern:


I am trying to extract the third (likely numeric) item surrounded by underscores (if the string has the wrong pattern, return invalid format, of course).

Something like:

Dim strOriginal As String = "ab234_12345_45678_afddsyyht788959"
Dim strFound As String
    Dim matches As MatchCollection
    Dim regexStuff As New Regex("_.*?_")
    matches = regexStuff.Matches(strOriginal)
    strFound = matches.Item(0).Groups(2).Value.ToString
    strFound = "invalid"
End Try

The problem is with the pattern - I can't figure out anything that works... (I have tried a few other patterns too)

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Use this regex


Match the \1 group

If you want the third group to be numeric replace ([A-Za-z0-9]+) with (\d+)

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