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I have a drop down box that when options are selected should populate a div below with the data from a raw html file containing only the selected option data.

The index file holds the dropdown, the json file holds the destinations which are london, paris, new york and rome, it also contains an id - the first three letters of the file name of the html file that corresponds to the option selected, e.g. london-weather, paris-weather, etc.

The idea is that user sees the drop down box, selects a city and then the json is checked for corresponding id to that city and places the html in that id's file into the div below the dropdown box.

Here is the json file I have:

  "Destinations": [
    "destinationName": "London",
    "destinationID": "lon"
    "destinationName": "New York",
    "destinationID": "nyc"
    "destinationName": "Paris",
    "destinationID": "par"
    "destinationName": "Rome",
    "destinationID": "rom"

My source html files, e.g. lon_weather (for london) - just consist of 2 divs that contain data from a weather app.

I have found an example here that populates a second drop down box from the json file based on the selection, this is really close to what I want but it does not do the external html part and I cannot work out how to add the html part to it using the id found in the json file.

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