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How can I write a "," (comma) character in the SLIME emacs window? The , key brings up the SLIME command prompt automatically.

Thanks, a Lisp beginner

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You can insert , by C-q, (Control-q and then comma). C-q is bound to quoted-insert, which can be generally used whenever you want Emacs to read a next input character and insert it instead of invoking a command bound to the input character.

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, only triggers REPL shortcut selection when input at the beginning of a line. In all other cases, you can input a comma by typing ,.

In the case of Common Lisp, since as long as you don't modify the reader, , can only occur within a quasi-quoted expression, this should not be a significant restriction.

If it really is a problem, refer to Deokhwan Kim's answer.

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I accepted Deokhwan's answer, because I encountered this problem when I edited a previously evaluated line. –  Kompi Aug 28 '12 at 10:32

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