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I am doing some bulk analytics on PE files, while parsing the import table of a PE file, I'm finding that many PE files import duplicate entries for a given DLL... why is this? what does this functionally provide?

For instance, a dump of example.exe import table shows:

Kernel32.dll User32.dll blah.dll Kernel32.dll Kernel32.dll User32.dll shell32.dll

Thanks in advance.

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Can you provide the whole information of the Import Address Table of your binary to better figure out? –  Geoffrey R. Aug 29 '12 at 12:26
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Maybe the PE that you're analysing has been patched to import additional functions, since most of binaries have their Import Address Table quite packed so adding an entry into an existing module is fairly impossible.

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What you observed in correct and completely normal! Take a look at the image below which shows Dependency Walker in action on analyzing the image of Process Explorer (statically) importing many libraries. Soon or later one library imports a libray that is already imported by others (e.g. typical example is USER32.DLL or NTDLL.DLL which are almost always imported several times).

enter image description here

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