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i got the java classes from apk after using some tools like dex2jar and JD-GUI. As everybody knows java byte code can be converted to java classes back so mostly it is optimized and obfuscated through some tools (like progaurd is used in the case of android) to make it secure from others. so what i got is obfuscated code and i want to make it error free, readable, understandable so that i can further modify it for my own purpose(for my personal use only, i doesn't mean to violate any copyrights) so any help i.e advice, tools, helping material to make this obfuscated code to much closer to that which was written by developer or to make it error free and understandable will help me a lot. currently my focus is about to reversing obfuscating techniques used by progaurd like when i tried reverse engineering on my own projects and found that

  1. the int resource values can b altered with ids by matching through the R file which is generated with reverse engineering
  2. the if else conditions mostly converted to while(true) and some continues and breaks
  3. the inner classes mostly broke up to separate files

so any other techniques and helping material for above mentioned ways which can describe how to properly reverse them will be very helping.

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Reverse engineering is a difficult task (i would say subtle art), mostly hit and miss, especially with obfuscated code, what you can do is to focus in some special function, that seems pretty obvious and start from there, renaming and refactoring classes, also a good IDE may help you a lot (my personal recommendation: NetBeans).

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This should help: DeObfuscator

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i tried this software i select file and when press deobfuscate it does not genrate any new class file so i assume changes are re written to same class file when i open this class file to view java source in JD-GUI it shows the same source code as was previously not a change of single line –  Umar Qureshi Aug 27 '12 at 17:32

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