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I have problems doing a leftjoin on a Custom Page Type "ProjectPage" and a corresponding relation table ("ProjectPage_Categories"). ProjectPage has many Categories and on Category can belong to many Projects. ProjectPage looks like this:

class ProjectPage extends Page { 
    static $many_many = array(
        'Categories' => 'Category'

and Category like that:

class Category extends DataObject {
    static $belongs_many_many = array(
        'ProjectPages' => 'ProjectPage'

I´m trying to get all ProjectPages that are related to a certain category like this:

$projectPages = ProjectPage::get()
        ->leftJoin("ProjectPage_Categories", "ProjectPage_Categories.ProjectPageID = ProjectPage.ID")
        ->filter(array('CategoryID' => $categoryID));

unfortunately this does not work. there is always an sql error: Unknown column 'ProjectPage.ID' in 'on clause'

a very similar thing works without problems:

$members = Member::get()
    ->leftJoin("Group_Members", "Group_Members.MemberID = Member.ID")
    ->filter(array('GroupID' => '2'));

I´m guessing there is a problem because ProjectPage extends Sitetree and there is no table named "ProjectPage". I was trying to replace ProjectPage with SiteTree, but so far no success.

Many thanks, Florian

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if i'm getting it right you shouldn't need the manual join at all:

$category = Category::get()->byID($categoryID);
$projectPages = $category->ProjectPages();


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thank you, thats way to easy actually :) but here really hard to find: doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/topics/datamodel I asked to add some lines about accessing relations. –  spierala Aug 28 '12 at 9:45

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