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I want to dump the current DOM to a file and be able to view it offline. Essentially, I have an outdated version of a page that I would like to keep around for comparison. As soon as I close my browser, I'm going to lose it so I would like to save the DOM exactly as it is.

There is already an answer for doing this in Firefox but how do I do it in Chrome?

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Using the Web Inspector (F12), go to the Elements tab, right click on the <html> tag in your code and select 'Copy as HTML'. Then paste that into a new file and save.

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I did this at the time of posting but I think there was a reason this is not the perfect solution. I think I wanted to save event handlers on the DOM which the HTML dump does not do. –  styfle Feb 7 '13 at 23:12
@styfle Not sure I understand this. When you hit F12 it is the rendered (correct wording?) HTML I see, not the base dump that 'View Page Source' will give you. I followed Damon's advice and got everything I needed (a select box populated by jquery). It is still a very clumsy approach, a simple Select All from the elements page would be much more intuitive. –  Timothy Harding May 5 at 17:03

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