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I have two radio buttons (level 1) which dynamically creates a list of new radio buttons (level 2) based on the value selected.

The code that retrieves the list within is listed here

$dept = $row['dept'];
echo "<input type='radio' class='radio' value='".$dept."' name='lvl2'/>".$dept." &nbsp  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ";

I am using


to get values from the first set of radio buttons. However

$('input[name="lvl2"]').on('click', function(){
        $("span").text ("hi");

is not working.

I will be drilling further into level 3 and level 4 of dynamic buttons and need to get the on click handler working to pass values into SQL script for each level.

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If the radio's are dynamic, you'll have to delegate the event:

$(document).on('click', 'input[name="lvl2"]', function(){
    $("span").text ("hi");

and replace document with closest non dynamic parent, and using the change event will work even if someone decides to use a keyboard.

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