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I have fbx model exported from 3ds max. I have 3d coordinate that are extracted from a motion capture session. I want to animate the model using these 3d coordinates. after googling I found xna can be used for this purpose.

I found a tutorial on digitalrun that used kinectxna to capture motion and animate .fbx model using xna. but I can't build it because it wants kinect hardware elements.

I found another tutorial here. I am newbie to xna. I faced difficulties to understand that.can someone point me to right tutorial that expalins skeletal animation of .fbx model using xna?

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You can start with this example to understand how animation work: http://xbox.create.msdn.com/en-us/education/catalog/sample/skinned_model

The animation data is contained in the model itself. But you can change some code to work with your 3d coordinates.

Also... I found a library to animation. XNAnimation Library

P.S. You can find a lot of tutorials and libraries for animation if you search "Skinned Model"

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