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I am trying to update a row with SQL, but I want to be able to pass in a variable for the name of the column to update. Is this possible?

DECLARE @Place varchar(max)
SET @Place = '[MDinner]'

UPDATE [UserMealPlans] SET @Place = NULL WHERE [UserId] = 'ffc3a7ed-264f-4d75-ae4c-aabe900023b6'

this is my statement which says 1 row affected, but then the column is not set to null.

If I do this, it works fine:

UPDATE [UserMealPlans] SET [MDinner] = NULL WHERE [UserId] = 'ffc3a7ed-264f-4d75-ae4c-aabe900023b6'

Any thoughts on how to do about doing this correctly?


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You need to use Dynamic SQL for this:

DECLARE @Place varchar(max)
SET @Place = '[MDinner]'

SET @query = 'UPDATE [UserMealPlans] SET ' 
    + @Place + '= NULL WHERE [UserId] = ''ffc3a7ed-264f-4d75-ae4c-aabe900023b6'''

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