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I've just started to learn Android, and I have a quick question. I have a separate class Team, and within it there's 3 variables (String name, int goals, int points). In my main activity I want to increment the goals and/or points for each Team object once a button is clicked. At the moment I have a method:

        public void updatePoints(View v, Team t){

and in my xml file I have:


which relates to a Button. Can I pass a Team object like above? If so, how can it be done? As I said I'm only starting to learn Android so any advice would be a appreciated.


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If you have....

android:onClick="updatePoints" // in XML file

then in your java file you need to define...

public void updatePoints(View v){   
    // This is where you update each team

    // I think v.getId() retrieves the id of the button (or view) that was clicked

I assume in your activity you have...

Team team[]; // an array of teams (more than one), so you need to do something to identify the team your trying to update... so I'd change your definition of Team

public class Team {
    public int identity; // This is the new field
    public String name;
    public int goals;
    public int points;

Although you can, I wouldn't use the tag property to identify a team... I'd use the identity field to identify individual teams. That way a team isn't linked/tied to a button... more versatile IMHO

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the signature for the method used as the onClick listener defined in XML must be

public void myMethod(View v)

otherwise it won't be found.

Then, you can do whatever you want inside this method, for example to invoke updatePoints(). If you want to maintain the relationship between the Team and the View, you can use setTag().

For example:

button.setTag("com.example.team", myTeam);

and then in the onClick method

public void myMethod(View v) {
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That's the best answer so far. –  Felipe Caldas Aug 27 '12 at 18:59

You can declare Team as a variable in your class:

private Team myTeam;

Then, create your method:

public void updatePoints(View v){

using class variable.

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You need to create event listener for that buton in order to do something when clicked , then you need to create an object of that Team class , and then you just call updatePoints method inside that class.

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