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For those of you that are experienced with the cakeDC comments plugin, can I please get some guidance.

The output on my view page is this:

Element Not Found: Elements/Commentscomments/tree/main.ctp

I understand that it cannot find the correct folder because there is a missing forward slash while looking for the file.

The View code that is added to this page is:

<div id="post-comments">
    <?php $this->CommentWidget->options(array('allowAnonymousComment' => false));?>
    <?php echo $this->CommentWidget->display();?>

How could I go about fixing this issue? I don't specifically know what to look for or where to look in terms of fixing the path issue.

Thanks in advance.

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I found that this commit solved the problem for me:

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As far as I can tell is that this plugin created by cakeDC has not been fully ported to work correctly with 2.X. I Have set the specific paths of the elements that were causing this issue in the

public function display(){} controller found in the CommentWidgetHelper.php file.

There are a few other $this->element() calls that you will need to adjust. It does not read them correctly from the comments plugin without changing these items.

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