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How can I display a GMF diagram, with the file format "*.ecorediag" in Eclipse in a View? The diagram should not be editable.

Is there a simple sample view that loads a diagram from say "/home/diagrams/test.ecorediag"

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eclipse provides a built-in editor for .ecore-diag files. Just select the .ecore-diag file, right click, edit. However it's an editor not a viewer. Must it be read-only? If so, what happens if you set the file permissions on the .ecore-diag file to read-only? – sfinnie Aug 31 '12 at 12:30
I know about the built in editor. But I am trying to make a new Eclipse plugin. I need to have the ability to customize the UI. – Whitecat Aug 31 '12 at 19:41

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The GMF diagrams (including ecorediag) are rendered on the editor with the help of "".

So the bare minimum code to make this work

DiagramGraphicalViewer viewer = new DiagramGraphicalViewer();

RootEditPart root = EditPartService.getInstance().createRootEditPart(
viewer.setEditPartFactory(new EcoreEditPartProvider());


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