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I would like to break the links in the datasheet of an embedded chart object . This code updates the links, but I need the links broken. Thanks

pptWorkbook.UpdateLink pptWorkbook.LinkSources(1)

PS. How do you update multiple link sources without and error message.?

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I think I solved this once by simply assigning a vbnullstring or "" as link, which then appears in the link dialog as NULL (so I am taking about charts pasted from Excel it this is what you mean by embedded chart; because your question makes no sense if you mean a 'native' ppt2007+ chart object)

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Actually, I am talking about a chart created in Powerpoint, not excel. –  mooseman Dec 4 '12 at 20:07
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Ungroup the shape that represents the chart. That breaks the link, converts the chart into a vector (ie, EMF/WMF) graphic.

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